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This Team is part of the 2019 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Sep 30, 2019 | Bob Van Houweligen | 649 views
2020 Outdoor season tryout & expectation
Outline what we are looking for from our players for the 2020 season

Welcome to the 2006 Ilderton Ignite competitive girls tryouts. I wanted to take a moment to outline the expectation from our players for the 2020 outdoor season. 

Laying the foundation:

We play in the EMDSL against teams from London - Oakridge, Byron and possibly a few new teams, Strathroy, St Thomas, Woodstock and Sarnia. We are by far the smallest centre, having the fewest kids to draw from, and the only club that doesn't play soccer year round. We have never even been required to cut players during tryouts before. We will put in the tier 1 division again, because their isn't a tier 2 division, and we are much too dominate for tier 3 and our players want more of a challenge than tier 3. 

What does this mean? 

We are small, strong, determined, and face an uphill battle with many challenges. But these challenges should be look at as positives - providing our team with an excellent learning opportunity for what we strive to achieve. We believe in teaching life lessons through the team sport of soccer, more than striving for wins and trophies. 

Our beliefs:

We believe in competitiveness, hard work, sportsmanship, fair play, and team first mentality. As coaches, players and parents we abide by the code of conduct. We will win and lose graciously, and demonstrate excellence in sportsmanship and represent our community and organization with pride. We will be honest, take responsibility, and be encouraging as coaches, players and parents. 


Every player who is trying out, needs to understand the following for the 2020 season. If you are committed to the team, our practices and games, play for the team and not yourself, you will receive opportunities for an abundance or playing time at several positions. However, this is a competitive team, we need players who understand the time commitment, work load, and dedication required when accepting a position. 

We are allowed to roster 18 players - and ONLY 18 players. With 11 players on the field, and being very physically and cardiovascular demanding - we need to have almost a full roster at all games and practices. This combined with the reality that we only play outdoors soccer, and compete against teams and kids who play year round, we need to understand and accept that we face teams that put in more soccer time than we do. So we need players who understand the situation we face, BUT are excited for the challenge, and are ready to focus, work hard, have fun and support each other - win or lose. 


Once your winter sport is over - THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR SPORT OF FOCUS, DEDICATION AND TIME COMMITMENT. If you play multiple summer sports or activities, multiple overnight camps, part time jobs, cottage, extended travel plans, you will miss multiple games and practices - competitive soccer isn't the best option for you and your player. 

On average we practice x 2 week, and 1 game, not always on the same evenings, from May until Aug. We will be attending 2 out of town tournaments this year, dates and locations chosen by the coaching staff. In March and April we will hold warm up sessions indoors to try and shake off the rust, and get the kids up to soccer speed. 

Players will arrive on time for practices, meetings and games with only personal / family obligations, illness, family emergency and injury being acceptable reasons for tardiness or absence. Advising the team when you will be absent will be mandatory. 

In closing 
We look forward to rostering an Ilderton Ignite team for the 2020 outdoor season. The girls who have played in previous years, have represented themselves with pride, honour and sportsmanship. We look to continue that tradition moving forward, and look forward to welcoming the players to the 2020 team. 

Good luck, work hard, and have fun. 
Ilderton Fire Fighters
Ilderton fire fighters have been proudly serving the community for over 60 years. The association is a proud and long term sponsor of the 2006 girls soccer age group.